March 2nd 2011

How accountable is your organisation?

Brian covered the origins of his approach and detailed his view of organisation design, which is based on looking at accountability, the optimal number of levels in an organisation, spans of control and his concept of DMA.

Some examples of ‘problems’ and tell-tale signs of over-layering and over-manning. Waste in organisations is more than the cost of hiring too many people – it’s a block to communications and leads to delays, clutter and more work.

An outline of where his approach has made improvements and the results obtained.

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July 24th 2020

Post Meeting Notes - The Agile Dashboard

On 24th July CRF and PARC members gathered for The Agile Dashboard: Designing Agility Into Your Company. “If the keyword for the 20th century was ‘speed’, the keyword for the 21st century is ‘agility’.” So said Professor Joe Perfetti, our speaker for this session. That was before the coronavirus outbreak re-wrote the rules and re-ordered the business world. His statement is now more apposite than ever. Entire sectors have been devastated. Business leaders are now surveying the world after the lockdown with no idea of what business-as-usual will look like or even whether the very idea has now become outdated. Of one thing we can be sure, though, businesses will have to adapt and change fast.

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July 22nd 2020

The Agile Dashboard - Joseph Perfetti Slides

Joseph Perfetti discuss the forward-looking metrics - speed, interaction time, and pivot - that are key to agile companies' success.These are his slides from the Zoom Interactive Event: The Agile Dashboard which took place on 22nd July 2020

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October 11th 2019

IMD Business School - Unlocking Agility through Purpose and Impact

Agile organisations are both stable and dynamic. Purpose brings stability, a critical attribute to flexibility. Purpose enables company-wide capability to pivot away from static siloed business models into new sources of value. Currently, transformation has become the status quo. From digital, to customer-centric or sustainable business models, change is the order of the day. Agile businesses react quickly when challenged and can transform and adapt. Purpose instils leadership clarity and material strategic priorities that drive business to act.

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September 11th 2013

Emerging Approaches to Organisation Design - Interview with Dr. Susan Mohrman, USC

Dr. Susan Morhman (Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Effective Organisations at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California) highlights the impact of complexity on organisation design and identifies the 'next big thing' on the OD horizon.

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October 15th 2013

Emerging Approaches to Organisation Design

How does one design an organisation? Explore different models and influences shaping the current thinking in OD space.

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November 12th 2015

The Transformation to Agility: How to build agile, self-designing organisations

Chris Worley explores the process of building an agile organisation through case studies and examples.

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