July 14th 2014

Progress – Issue 2: Coaching – Business Essential or Management Fad?

Within this second edition of our e-magazine – Progress – Gillian Pillans from Corporate Research Forum asks ‘Coaching – business essential or management fad?’.

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May 17th 2019

CRFCast - HR Insights from the Corporate Research Forum: How to Connect with People in a Virtual World with Nick Morgan

Face-to-face communication is becoming rarer in the modern workplace, with ever more interactions taking place virtually. However, research shows that virtual communication is much less effective, and it’s hard to build trust that’s essential to effective relationships at work. In conversation with Nick Morgan, author of Can You Hear Me? How to Connect with People in a Virtual World, we discuss the pitfalls, how to improve communication in remote and/or virtual working environments, and the role HR policies can play.

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April 7th 2017

What is Mentoring?

This article looks what defines coaching and mentoring in an organisational context, overviews the benefits (for both mentor and mentee) and outlines a model for effective coaching and mentoring in the workplace.

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March 3rd 2014

Who is the Expert? - Leadership for a Thinking Environment

The attendee workbook from our 2014 Coaching event authored by Nancy Kline, and entitled 'Leadership for a Thinking Environment'.

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  • Leadership
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April 10th 2014

Coaching - Interview with Guy Beaudin, RHR International

Guy Beaudin, Senior Partner at RHR International, provides advice for organisations who are looking to embark on a coaching programme and identifies the critical factors that should be considered.

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  • Learning and Development
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March 21st 2014

Coaching: Business Essential or Management Fad?

This CRF research paper considers the state of the coaching market, key trends, the conditions required to make coaching effective and the current state of evaluation. The report also features a number of case studies.

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