July 14th 2014

Progress – Issue 2: The Future Impact of Technology on the Workplace

Within this second edition of our e-magazine – Progress – Stu Winby, CEO of Silicon Valley’s SPRING Network, discusses the external environment and the future impact of technology on the workplace.

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February 19th 2019

Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution

HR technology is a vast and rapidly changing field, touching every aspect of HR. As more and more processes become automated, technology plays an ever larger role in HR's efficiency and effectiveness. This report explores the opportunities and risks associated with HR technology and aims to provide HR professionals with the relevant information to develop HR technology capability within their organisation.

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October 11th 2019

KPMG - Talent Management for the Future

KPMG’s masterclass explored how organisations can better meet employee and business expectations around workforce in the turbulent world of Industry 4.0 – amidst a shortage of top talent. In the interactive workshop, delegates looked at the use of simple but defined geometric shapes to develop free-flowing, colourful artwork – focussing on how this applies to HR building blocks to deliver brilliant employee experience. Delegates then looked at the effect of Industry 4.0 on the future of work and total workforce management, particularly the changing needs of all types of ‘workers’ and the needs of the business.

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  • Agility
  • Productivity
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October 30th 2018

Talent Management: Responding to Uncertainty

This paper looks at workforce planning and talent management in face of uncertainty and covers key topics leaders and HR professionals should consider now to ensure success of their talent management strategies.

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May 4th 2018

CRF Research Breakfast: Perspectives on HR Technology

On the morning of 26th April 2018, CRF hosted a discussion breakfast on the future of HR Technology at the Bird & Bird offices, facilitated by Karen Ward and David Creelman. This discussion was designed to inform CRF’s upcoming research report on HR Technology, scheduled for release in Spring 2019. Members can download the post-event summary to learn about some of the current realities and the future concerns of HR professionals closely involved with the selection and use of HR technology in their organisation.

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October 29th 2013

5th International Conference, Madrid: Strategy in a Changing World - Tom Standage

Keynote speaker session of the ‘Technological Change' segment at CRF's 5th International Conference in Madrid from Tom Standage, Digital Editor at The Economist.

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July 17th 2014

Progress - Issue 2: The Pleasures of Work

Within this second edition of our e-magazine - Progress - philosopher and best-selling author Alain de Botton discusses the pleasures and sorrows of work.

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  • Performance Management
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