December 3rd 2018

Progress – Issue 6 (Full Edition)

The sixth edition of of our e-magazine - Progress - takes a look at the number of topics including the future of work, building high-performing teams, the value of HR analytics and the skills required to succeed in a top HR role.

It includes contributions from Michael Wade, Professor of innovation & Strategy at IMD Business School; Mike Rosenberg, Associate Professor, Strategic Management Department at IESE Business School; Ina Toegel, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at IMD Business School; Dave Millner, Founder at HRCurator; John Whelan, Director at Corporate Research Forum; and Gillian Pillans, Research Director at Corporate Research Forum.



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November 14th 2018

The Future of Jobs, Work and Working

What are the forces shaping the future of work and careers? In this CRF report, we take a look at the trends shaping the future of jobs in 2018 - economic, demographic and technological changes influencing future talent needs today. Recommendations for HR professionals are also discussed.

  • Tags
  • Analytics
  • Being an HR Director
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Business Models
  • Career Planning
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Demographics
  • Developing Employees
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Emerging Markets
  • Equal Pay
  • Forecasting
  • Gender Pay Gap
  • Generational Issues
  • Gig Economy
  • Global Strategy
  • HR Models
  • Machine Learning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Research & Development
  • Restructuring
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Strategic Reward
  • Wellbeing
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July 17th 2017

Webinar: Transforming the Learning Function

Building sustainable performance means organisations have to be able to adapt at speed to changes in their environment. Therefore organisations’ capacity to learn and reinvent themselves is a critical capability today. This webinar explored the state of play in the learning function today, how well equipped it is for success in today’s business context, and where the opportunities lie for improving performance.

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April 7th 2017

What is Mentoring?

This article looks what defines coaching and mentoring in an organisational context, overviews the benefits (for both mentor and mentee) and outlines a model for effective coaching and mentoring in the workplace.

  • Tags
  • Learning and Development
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July 3rd 2017

Key Trends in the Learning Market

This preview of CRF's research report - 'Learning - The Foundation for Agility and Sustainable Performance' looks at key trends in the learning market and reviews adoption of emerging technologies in training and development models in the learning market.

  • Tags
  • Agility
  • Career Planning
  • Developing Employees
  • Learning and Development
  • Research & Development
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July 17th 2017

What are the recent trends in learning? - Interview with Nigel Paine

Catch-up on missed member events by watching our 3-minute videos. In our July 2017 interview, we speak to Nigel Paine, author of 'The Learning Challenge'.

  • Tags
  • Career Planning
  • Developing Employees
  • Learning and Development
  • Research & Development
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November 6th 2012

Executive Summary: The Future of Work

The executive summary of the full CRF research report examines the key trends that will influence the future of work and highlights the tensions and contradictions that organisations face in considering how to respond. The implications for leaders and HR are explored and tools and advice are offered to help plan for the future.

  • Tags
  • Future of Work
  • Organisation Development
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