May 15th 2014

Spring Symposium 2014 – Interview with Dave Millner, IBM

Dave Millner, Executive Consulting Partner, Workforce Science at IBM Smarter Workforce EMEA, talks to CRF about HR’s reputation for not making the most of technology and how we need to understand what the future looks like and optimise the HR function’s contribution.

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November 14th 2017

Webinar: HR Analytics: Does the Reality Live up to the Hype?

Analytics is emerging as the next big trend for the HR function and is seeing a lot of interest. However, is all this hype justified and can HR analytics propel the function forward and add value to the organisation? Listen to CRF's webinar to learn what analytics can really deliver for HR and to learn more about the current trend.

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November 18th 2004

Effective HR Evaluation

This report identifies the critical principals for an effective HR measurement system. It includes the evaluation of people systems, processes and groups, rather than individuals.

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July 10th 2000

Evaluation of HR and Career Management Activities: Developing a Holistic Model - Stage II

This report explores the subject of evaluation and aims to provide new insights into the subject and provide a practical model to support HR practitioners in conducting evaluation work.

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February 18th 2019

Speed Read: Developing Commercial Acumen for HR Function

The HR function is often criticised for its lack of commercial acumen and business savvy. The aim of this Speed Read is to define commercial acumen as a skill and give HR professionals the necessary practical information to develop and demonstrate this business critical skill.

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  • Analytics
  • Being an HR Director
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  • Commercial Acumen
  • Culture
  • Developing Employees
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  • International Business
  • Managing Organisations
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Negotiations
  • Political Savvy
  • Research & Development
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
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May 15th 2014

Technology, Big Data & HR Capability – Dave Millner, IBM

In this extensive presentation Dave Millner from IBM explores the relationship between HR and technology.

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  • Analytics
  • Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Strategic Reward
  • Talent Management
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June 14th 2012

The Impact of Technology and Social Media on Learning

Using expert contributors and five case studies, this research report describes how learning and technology/social media are changing, along with impacts that have to be anticipated and managed.

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  • Career Planning
  • Developing Employees
  • Learning and Development
  • Research & Development
  • Skills Development
  • Talent Management
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