May 15th 2014

Spring Symposium 2014 – Interview with Dr. Richard MacKinnon, TalentQ

Dr. Richard MacKinnon, Head of Learning and Development Solutions at TalentQ, advises how organisations can ensure they possess a selection process which delivers employees who are capable and credible, and discusses what the relevance of assessment is in the context of organisational change.

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July 14th 2016

Webinar: Rethinking Talent Management

For most CEOs, talent remains at or near the top of their priority list, and yet lack of talent remains a major obstacle in achieving organisational goals. While a lot of effort is spent tackling these challenges, our CRF survey indicated a lack of satisfaction with the outcomes of talent management practices. Where are organisations going wrong?

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July 10th 2018

Webinar: Data-driven Talent Acquisition: What is the Future of Recruitment?

Are you involved in planning your talent acquisition and resourcing strategies, and looking to improve the overall recruitment and talent strategy? Perhaps, you are interested in exploring current innovations and recruitment trends? Listen to our webinar on resourcing to explore key shifts in recruitment practice and hear some practical advice from our speakers on how to improve the effectiveness of your resourcing strategy, and deliver value to the business.

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April 30th 2019

CRFCast - HR Insights from the Corporate Research Forum: Developing Talent Acquisition Strategies to Win the War for Talent with Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Finding and hiring talent is a key business priority, but competition for top talent is fiercer than ever. To succeed, organisations have to develop robust resourcing strategies, using reliable assessment tools and sourcing methods to attract, select and retain the best candidates. In conversation with Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, we discuss the latest technology and trends in resourcing and explore how organisations can make better hiring decisions.

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May 12th 2011

Selecting & On-boarding Leaders

Jon summarises key finding from CRF research, discusses methodology and provides us with questions to consider for further thought.

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May 17th 2012

Selecting the Best – RHR International

What you need to know about talent assessment for yourself and for your career as an HR professional.

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May 15th 2014

Assessment for Selection & Development: Strategy, Change and Focus – Dr Richard A MacKinnon, TalentQ

A presentation from TalentQ focusing on psychometric assessment, its contemporary developments and how one can utilise psychometric assessment in change situations, as well as talent management process.

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