July 4th 2016

Talent Management at Avanade

In this presentation, Stephen Kelly - Chief HR & Leadership Officer at Avanade - takes a look at talent management practices at Avanade and provides a perspective on key talent management challenges today.

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August 13th 2018

Case Notes Compendium - Resourcing

Are you interested in different examples of how businesses are responding to the challenges of strategic resourcing in today’s competitive, global, and technology-driven landscape? Then download this compendium to read about different approaches from Cisco, B&Q, McDonald's, Microsoft, and many more!

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August 10th 2018

What, When, Why, and How? A Quick Guide to Job Analysis

What is job analysis and when should you conduct one? This one-pager will give you a comprehensive overview of job analysis, why use it and how to carry one out with maximum benefits for the organisation and HR.

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July 14th 2016

Putting the Talent Management Challenge in Context

In his second presentation during the "Rethinking Talent Management" workshop in Amsterdam, Nick South goes over broader talent trends, but also covers demographic and employment factors that have influenced Brexit.

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July 15th 2016

CRF Webinar - Rethinking Talent Management

Our recent CRF webinar examined how talent management can be better aligned with the needs of the organisation, as well as organisation strategy and purpose. During the 45 minute programme the panel assessed key challenges in talent management today and the steps HR professionals can take to reinvent talent management for the 21st Century.

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July 8th 2016

Post-Meeting Review Notes - Rethinking Talent Management (London)

A summary of our recent Rethinking Talent Management member meeting led by Jay Conger (Claremont McKenna College, California and Center of Effective Organizations) and Gillian Pillans (CRF).

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June 22nd 2016

Executive Summary: Rethinking Talent Management

For most CEOs, “talent” is at or near the top of their priority list. Yet in our recent survey of over 230 organisations, only 17% of respondents rated their organisation as effective in predicting and planning future talent needs. This research report draws upon international good practice and provides practical recommendations and methodologies for improvement.

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