October 5th 2012

The Challenger Spirit: Organisations that Disturb the Status Quo

Khurshed Dehnugara challenges us to think about the role of HR in creativity and gives us a summary of ‘4 establishment blindfolds’.

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March 14th 2017

Webinar: Optimising HR's Business Contribution

In today's rapidly changing business environment, it's more important than ever for HR to be commercial, close to the business, and clearly aligned to business strategy. However, the reality for many organisations is that HR is often disconnected from business priorities, and HR's contribution to critical strategic and commercial objectives is not always clear.

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March 19th 2019

International Conference: Speed, Productivity & Agility - Essentials for Tomorrow's Disruptive Business Environment - Programme

What will differentiate the successful organisations of tomorrow and how should they be preparing to get a head start? This brochure explores the content of CRF's 11th International Conference, taking place at Hotel Sofia, Barcelona. By taking a multi-faceted view of the drivers of organisation performance, the conference will challenge attendees to be radical and imaginative in developing strategies to execute the personal and organisational transformations essential for business continuity. If you weren't able to secure a place, we’ll provide a digital retrospective of all topics discussed after the conference on our website.

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  • Emerging Markets
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February 21st 2019

Post Meeting Review Notes - Trusted Advisor: HR Business Partnering, Relationship Building & Influencing

These Post Meeting Review Notes summarise the outcomes and key messages from CRF's latest event, Trusted Advisor. They include an exploration of what it takes to build trust and the variables of trustworthiness and, also delve into limitations and constraints around the topic. At the end of the notes, there is a feedback form for members who attended the event to complete and send back to CRF, as we very much value your opinions.

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  • Security & Privacy
  • Transformation
  • Transparency
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November 19th 2012

International Conference in Athens: Creativity & Innovation - interview with Khurshed Dehnugara, Relume

Keynote speaker of the 'Creative and Innovative Organisations' session at CRF's 4th International Conference in Athens, Khurshed Dehnugara discusses the factors that differentiate companies that are successful innovators from others.

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  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Organisation Development
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November 20th 2013

HR's Contribution to Creativity & Innovation - interview with William Pasmore, CCL

William Pasmore, Organizational Practice Leader, Center for Creative Leadership, discusses HR's role in creativity and innovation and provides some examples of where companies have fostered an organisation culture embedded in these two important areas.

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  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Creativity
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Motivating People
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November 8th 2013

HR's role contribution to creativity & Innovation

Explore the Theoretical Model of Innovation, how HR can contribute to the process, as well as some challenges that can arise.

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  • Innovation
  • Organisation Development
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