April 16th 2020

Webinar: Business Partnering In A Crisis

On 16th April 2020, CRF members gathered for Business Partnering in a Crisis, a Zoom Interactive Event. Director of CRF Learning Nick Holley and British Sugar’s People Director, Catherine Taylor, discussed the implications of the Coronavirus crisis for HRBPs.

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July 29th 2020

Zoom Interactive Event: Trust in the Workplace

On 29th July 2020, CRF members gathered for ‘Trust in the Workplace’, a Zoom Interactive Event. Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey, President of Strategic External Engagement at the University of Bath, discussed how organisations maintain or repair trust in the face of a crisis. What challenges do organisations face as they implement redundancy programmes, restructure, nationalise, or retrench after a crisis, and how do they rebuild and recover?

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July 24th 2020

Post Meeting Notes - The Agile Dashboard

On 24th July CRF and PARC members gathered for The Agile Dashboard: Designing Agility Into Your Company. “If the keyword for the 20th century was ‘speed’, the keyword for the 21st century is ‘agility’.” So said Professor Joe Perfetti, our speaker for this session. That was before the coronavirus outbreak re-wrote the rules and re-ordered the business world. His statement is now more apposite than ever. Entire sectors have been devastated. Business leaders are now surveying the world after the lockdown with no idea of what business-as-usual will look like or even whether the very idea has now become outdated. Of one thing we can be sure, though, businesses will have to adapt and change fast.

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