April 2nd 2020

Webinar: Stop Planning, Start Preparing

On 2nd April 2020, CRF members gathered for ‘Stop Planning, Start Preparing’, a Zoom Interactive Event. Director of CRF Learning Nick Holley hosted Directors at Ashridge Strategic Management Centre Dr. Stephen Bungay and Dr. Rebecca Homkes in discussion about what leaders can do to prepare their organisations to survive the current coronavirus crisis, reset the plan, and thrive through a potential downturn.

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July 3rd 2020

Post Meeting Notes - Diversity And Inclusion Discussion Forum

At a Zoom Interactive Event on 2nd July, CRF hosted Diversity and Inclusion professionals and experts in discussion on the topics of organisational responses to Black Lives Matter and emerging issues around remote inclusion. This summary shares some of the key insights from the discussion.

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June 11th 2020

Post Meeting Notes - Building and Maintaining Resilience

On 10th June 2020, CRF members gathered for Building and Maintaining Resilience, a Zoom Interactive Event. CRF’s Carmen von Rohr hosted Philips’ Clare Gowar and Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute’s Nick Propper in discussion on resilience – what is it, and what can organisations do to boost their people’s resilience in a situation as challenging as that of the pandemic?

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June 8th 2020

Post Covid - 19 Planning Tool

The current crisis has caused many businesses to rethink their strategies and tactics. There are winners and losers, but its hard to think of a company that will be unaffected. As we all know, HR plans and strategies flow from the business strategy – so is it time to re-evaluate our HR plans based on the changed or changing reality

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