September 7th 2011

What is the HR Evidence Base and How Should HR Professionals Make Better Use of Research?

Are HR practices based on sound evidence? Not always so and in this presentations David concludes with a few notes of caution.

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November 14th 2017

Webinar: HR Analytics: Does the Reality Live up to the Hype?

Analytics is emerging as the next big trend for the HR function and is seeing a lot of interest. However, is all this hype justified and can HR analytics propel the function forward and add value to the organisation? Listen to CRF's webinar to learn what analytics can really deliver for HR and to learn more about the current trend.

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February 4th 2019

Case Notes Compendium – Strategic Workforce Analytics

How can the HR function build analytics capability to help deliver the business strategy and improve organisation performance? How are other organisations approaching this and what success are they having with HR analytics in areas of leadership, compensation and benefits, talent management, and recruitment? Find out from this compendium of case studies.

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October 4th 2018

OrgVue by Concentra Masterclass: Design and Monitor High-Performance Teams

The abundance of data is fundamentally changing the nature of business. Download this presentation from OrgVue by Concentra to explore how data can be used to align teams to corporate objectives, uncover true costs, match competencies, highlight conflict, improve agility and reveal opportunities to rework for better performance.

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August 9th 2018

CRF Survey Slide Pack: Strategic Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is a fast-growing discipline in HR, with companies making significant investments in systems, tools and people. This document provides a more detailed look at the results of our survey that informed CRF research report - 'Strategic Workforce Analytics'.

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November 15th 2017

Post-Meeting Review Notes - Deploying HR Analytics for Better Talent Management and Organisational Effectiveness

These post-meeting review notes summarise the key messages from CRF's most recent member meeting - Deploying HR Analytics for Better Talent Management and Organisational Effectiveness. If you have missed the member meeting, the notes provide a summary of the day including all presentations and case studies - Experian, Adidas and GSK.

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November 10th 2017

HR Analytics - insights for better business decisions

This presentation by Ian MaKendrick, VP, HR Strategy Planning & Analytics at AstraZeneca, explores how AstraZeneca is using HR analytics in the business and the results seen by the organisation so far.

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