March 19th 2015

Workforce Strategy Audit Survey Brochure

Background to the Workforce Strategy Audit Survey (WSAS) developed by Advanced Workforce Strategies. This brochure explains the purpose of the Survey and why it is important for your business to participate in the Survey.

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July 14th 2016

Webinar: Rethinking Talent Management

For most CEOs, talent remains at or near the top of their priority list, and yet lack of talent remains a major obstacle in achieving organisational goals. While a lot of effort is spent tackling these challenges, our CRF survey indicated a lack of satisfaction with the outcomes of talent management practices. Where are organisations going wrong?

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July 10th 2018

Webinar: Data-driven Talent Acquisition: What is the Future of Recruitment?

Are you involved in planning your talent acquisition and resourcing strategies, and looking to improve the overall recruitment and talent strategy? Perhaps, you are interested in exploring current innovations and recruitment trends? Listen to our webinar on resourcing to explore key shifts in recruitment practice and hear some practical advice from our speakers on how to improve the effectiveness of your resourcing strategy, and deliver value to the business.

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March 19th 2015

Strategic Workforce Planning - Interview with David Knight, KPMG

At our 2015 Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) event, David Knight, Associate Partner of KPMG in the UK, identified why SWP is important and the key elements required to demonstrate effective workforce planning within organisations.

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May 16th 2012

Strategic Workforce Planning - Chris MacRae

Explore GlaxoSmithKline’s approach to talent management.

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March 19th 2015

Strategic Workforce Planning – Thomson Reuters Case Study

Richard Cleverly from Thomson Reuters proposes some questions we need to consider when looking at workforce planning.

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December 22nd 2014

How to Avoid the 12 Deadly Traps of Workforce Strategic Planning

In this white paper, the business case is argued as to why organisations should develop a workforce strategy, including the adverse consequences in failing to do so.

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