January 28th 2020

Scenario Thinking - Interview with Dr. Kris De Meyer

Simulating scenario thinking is essential for any organising wanting to improve its forward planning. In this interview, we discuss with King's College London neuroscientist, Dr. Kris De Meyer, how his Shutdown simulation, created for the Cabinet Office, uses immersive learning to improve people's ability to imagine different scenarios and plan for them.

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January 27th 2020

Future Insight: Responding to Trends, Threats and Opportunities - Meeting Review

Read a summary of our January 2020 event on building foresight capability and planning for uncertain outcomes. The event featured contributions from Margaret Heffernan, neuroscientist Dr Kris De Meyer, Dan Barnard of fanSHEN and Sarah Gillard of John Lewis Partnership.

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January 23rd 2020

Shutdown - Using Experiential Learning and Scenario Planning

Exploring the value of experiential learning and scenario planning to imagine and prepare for possible futures, with neuroscientist Dr. Kris De Meyer (King’s College London) and Dan Barnard, Artistic Director at fanSHEN, from their session at CRF event Future Insight in January 2020.

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January 15th 2020

Leadership Development - Is It Fit for Purpose?

Leadership development is at a crossroads; leadership is harder than ever, but its development hasn’t yet evolved to meet the demands of a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world.

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January 10th 2017

HR Manifesto

CRF has been researching the field of HRM, and turning this into actionable recommendations implemented by HR functions, for over 20 years. We have built an understanding of how the function and role of HR has evolved, how its reputation has varied and the fads that have come and gone. We have gained insight into what works, what doesn’t, and under what circumstances. Our work contrasts with many self-appointed experts and gurus offering their view of the world based on unsubstantiated opinions. We prefer an approach rooted in the principles of social science based on evidence. Our intention in this manifesto is to give our views on the business context, the necessary organisation response and how and in what ways the role of HR and its function can make an enhanced contribution.

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July 17th 2013

Developing a Strategic HR Approach

Developing a Strategic HR Approach is a research report that looks to apply the principles of social science to HR practices, to determine what factors make a difference and under what circumstances. We don’t believe in “best practice”, which implies one size fits all, but we seek to identify good practice and define a set of operating principles that apply under most circumstances. Our view is that the business circumstances and conditions should influence HR’s approach fundamentally.

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April 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists - GlaxoSmithKline case study

Science and leadership are not mutually exclusive - find out how GlaxoSmithKline develops their scientifically trained talent.

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