November 15th 2019

Better Conversations: Why They Matter And How To Have Them - booking form

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July 18th 2018

HR Directors' Discussion Paper: Is It Time to Reboot Your Approach to Communication and Evaluation?

What are the issues we must confront to ensure communication changes behaviour? How can we evaluate practically our initiatives to weed out the ones that don’t work and learn from experience? This paper provides some insights and aims to spark a further discussion within your team.

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July 3rd 2015

Interview with Alastair Campbell – Post Election Thoughts

At our 2015 Summer Lecture and Reception, Tony Blair’s former Communications Director, Alastair Campbell provided his thoughts on how the Labour Party should re-invent itself following the 2015 General Election defeat.

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September 10th 2014

Making Communication Fun, Memorable, but ..

Adrian Furnham's keynote presentation on Storytelling: Making Communication Fun, Memorable from our 2014 Storytelling member event.

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