Delivering Value through Mergers and Acquisitions – HR’s Critical Role

9 March 2021

12.00 - 14.00


It has become axiomatic that too high a percentage of mergers are ill-conceived and poorly executed. At their outset there is bullish talk of synergies, combined strengths and market share, only for senior executives to later acknowledge that very few of the benefits were realised. HR must share responsibility for this.

It has a critical role to play in the identification, due diligence and integration phases of M&A. Early participation of HR professionals is needed to identify critical talent or capabilities in the market that support the strategic development of the company.

Notwithstanding the impact of Covid-19, the data reveals an encouraging counter-intuitive growth strategy for those companies prepared to turn crisis into opportunity. Periods of economic volatility generally lead to increased consolidation or restructuring and higher levels of M&A activity, with greater potential returns for those who move quickly.

We will hear from IMD business school’s Salvatore Cantale on the drivers for M&A, from brand acquisition and market share to talent acquisition and enhancing digital capability. We will also explore case studies with senior HR practitioners who have been central to their company’s growth through acquisition and examine how the post Covid-19 environment might change some M&A assessments.

Learning objectives:
• Identify how HR can help develop competitive advantage by maximising the value of M&A
• Explore the unique contribution of HR at each phase of the process, target identification, due diligence, completion, post-deal integration
• Consider how to assess, integrate and transform cultures during and post-transaction
• Review your company’s approach to the people and culture elements of M&A.