How will membership make a difference to your organisation?

Gain new insights and fresh thinking

from our growing network of 5,000+ practitioners, leading global academics and industry experts

Identify actionable solutions to your existing challenges

through insightful, recommendation led, research and events

Engage our independent expert advisory panel

to ensure you receive practical solutions in a timely manner

Develop the experience, knowledge and capabilities of your HR team

by broadening their skills, experiences and knowledge

Evaluate and continuously improve

your people strategy and existing practices

Share good practice

in an environment built on trust, openness and integrity

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Annual membership offers for your organisation

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  • Attendance at each event

    in the UK and across Europe including the annual international conference convening 400+ senior HR leaders.

  • Facilitated networking

    at each event ensuring you are connected to peers and industry experts.

  • Unlimited access through the CRF website

    to the full catalogue of research reports, articles, models, video interviews, webinars and tools.

  • Virtual Ashridge, Ashridge Executive Education’s award winning e-learning solution

    enabling users, for their own personal use, a varied collection of resources and research (company wide access available upon request).

  • Solutions to your business issues

    and questions through our expert advisory panel of leading academics, practitioners, consultants and business associates.

  • Invitations to other peer group meetings

    such as our Innovation Groups, to share and discuss perspectives.

  • Regular member surveys and webinar programme

    enabling global teams access to our content in an online environment built for exchange and discussion.

  • Copies of all new research reports

    with the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, the research.

  • Opportunity to connect with other members

    to form new relationships and share good practice.

Richard Hargreaves

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