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Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak we held social events where employees could connect and build their networks, talk and build friendships.

In Covid-19 times it is more difficult and will remain for months/years to come. Our employee engagement surveys show our people love to talk and engage on a different work life balance in mentally challenging times.

Does CRF have any good practice examples of what organisations can do to replace the function of offices in terms of building social interaction from virtual drinks, language networks, virtual running games/team events, onboarding activity, etc.?

From European based international manufacturing and supply chain business.

CRF’s Response: We hosted an event looking at engagement: Employee Engagement Through the Crisis – find the Post Meeting Notes summarising the session and discussion here.

This query is something that a number of our members have been grappling with. We asked what one action around engagement has had the biggest impact in your organisation through the Covid-19 crisis?

Responses included:
– Weekly podcasts from the CEO
– Transparent, honest, regular communication via a range of local and global channels
– Weekly CEO blog
– Openness and flexibility with individual situations
– Supporting line managers in virtual leadership, how to connect and keep in touch with their teams and how to understand the feelings in this situation
– Leaders stepping up their commitments and accessibility to reassure people our aim is that no one loses their job as a result of the crisis, and directly speaking to a large number of people on calls, and video updates
– Wellbeing surveys
– A daily communication from the CEO
– Daily coffee meetings of 15 minutes with all employees per country
– Clear ‘people first’ messaging from the CEO, supported by weekly Q&A sessions from country leaderships, and a roll out of flexible working practices for our global workforce
– Leveraging a wide range of tools such as Yammer, closed Facebook groups, Teams pages and weekly ‘check in’ calls with line managers

Does CRF have any resources on the latest trends in Agile working post Covid-19?

From a multinational energy corporation

CRF’s response: CRF hosted a number of HRD peer-exchange session to discuss their approaches for a post Covid-19 future:
HR Directors Peer-Exchange – Post COVID-19 Planning
HR Directors Peer-Exchange – Adapting to New Ways of Working
Practical Steps for HR in Response to Coronavirus

We also had a number of sessions around agility and adaptability:
The Agile Dashboard
Developing Adaptive Leadership for Times of Crisis and Beyond
Thriving After a Crisis – Diverting After and Crating Future-Proof Organisations

Some guidance on remote working from CRF and trusted partners:
Together Apart: Teaming Through a Time of Social Distancing [RHR International article]
Flexible Working [Emerald Works Mind Tools]
Remote Working [CRF one-pager]
Remote Working Tips [Peakon Article]

We are looking at the next generation of HR Service Delivery/Shared Services/Ops Models, thinking about the future needs of employees. I wonder is there is any CRF research in this space and whether there is someone I can talk to?

I’m looking for my HR Ops Exec to do some initial outside thinking, and thought maybe CRF could get us going with the conversation.

From a multinational digital consultancy business

CRF’s response: CRF recently published a report HR’s Agenda in the Organisation of the Future – explores the future of HR in a challenging business context characterised by disruption on an unprecedented scale, fast-paced technology-driven change and social, political and demographic upheaval.

We also made a number of connections with those that are leading in this area:
– A leading thinker on HR Shared Services for a multinational consumer goods company
– A contact within multinational media conglomerate doing interesting work in this space
– A contact within a UK-based multinational group who recently set-up an ‘Agile Resource Pool’
– A financial services member that has done a lot of work on both employee experience and restructuring in an agile way

We are evaluating our operating model and would like to connect with organisations that have a consistent approach across countries, but recognise differences at a local level.

From a European multinational financial services firm

CRF’s Response: CRF Post Meeting Notes on HR’s Agenda in the Organisation of the Future – The coronavirus crisis provided a platform for HR to enhance its standing and demonstrate its value in supporting business strategy. A leading panel of experts and HR practitioners explored how HR can continue to build its profile, at this CRF event. The session outlines how HR’s operating model needs to evolve to meet the rapidly changing business context most effectively.

The accompanying research report can be found here.

CRF also made a number of connections to other member organisations that have been exploring this or have already addressed this topic:
– A European multinational telecommunications & information technology company
– A UK-based multinational professional services firm
– A multinational media conglomerate

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