Zoom Interactive Event: HRBPs: Reset and Thrive – Helping Businesses Prepare for an Uncertain Future

1 July 2020

12:00 - 1:00pm BST


In our first HRBP webinar we focused on the role of HR in helping the business survive. In our second we will focus on how we help our organisations thrive:
• Line managers can be short term operationally focused how do challenge them to think long term
• Taking opportunities as and when they arrive not choosing the wrong moment – so being patient, preparing, then going for it when the door opens
• Preparation means doing our research not just on HR but on our business taking time to give deep thought to the future not just from a workforce perspective
• Not having to have the right answers but asking the right questions – being great coaches
• Having a framework to think about future capabilities required with a potentially new business model and exploiting different business opportunities
• Focusing on leaders, managers and people who will be the future of the business not necessarily on the ones we’ve traditionally worked with or the ones we like and are easy to work with.

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