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January 13th 2021

Briefing Paper: Remote Inclusion

Inclusivity in remote working environments is increasingly capturing employers’ attention. This guide outlines the exclusion risks of at-home working, and provides practical advice on how best to communicate, connect, lead and develop your people.

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  • Remote Working
  • Coronavirus Crisis
  • Employee Wellbeing
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January 11th 2021

HR Directors' Briefing Paper: The World of Work

This briefing paper outlines the major influences set to shape our activities in 2021, to inform HRD’s decision making in the year ahead. Expert contributions cover topics including geopolitical trends, the economic state of play, technology, the world of work, and the role of the organisation in society.

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December 10th 2020

HR's Agenda in the Organisation of the Future

In this report, we explore how the business context for organisations today is ever more challenging, characterised by disruption on an unprecedented scale, fast-paced technology-driven change and social, political and demographic upheaval. It is in this context that we investigate how HR can define its future agenda, purpose and focus. What are is the core purpose of HR and how can we strive to deliver competitive advantage?

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November 13th 2020

Talent: Careers, Development and Succession in a Changing Landscape

In a constantly changing business context, talent and careers are high on the agenda for business and HR leaders alike. In this report, sponsored by our partners, APS and SD Worx, we explore what is driving the evolution in careers, development and succession and the current practices and key issues in career development. What impact does technology have on talent?

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  • Talent
  • career development
  • Succession Planning
  • Technology
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September 16th 2020

Briefing Paper: Diversity and Inclusion: Emerging Issues

The purpose of this Briefing Paper is to explore the challenges associated with building more inclusive workplaces for racial/ethnic minority colleagues, and the emerging opportunities and challenges around inclusion in remote working environments. Specifically, we look at how the Black Lives Matter movement is reshaping conversation and practice, and we explore what HR can do – in practical terms – to harness the new opportunities remote working brings for diversity while making sure that teams maintain inclusive practices.

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  • D&I
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
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July 7th 2020

Briefing Paper: Thriving After A Crisis: Ramp Up Strategic Strength Through This Tough Time

This paper discusses, creating a culture and organisation design that facilitates fast decision making and learning from experiments is an area where HR can make a significant contribution to organisation performance. Yu, Greeven and Shan show us that it’s not just digital startups that are poised to benefit from the economic rebound, and outline some steps we all can take to be better prepared.

  • Tags
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Coronavirus
  • Innovation
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May 13th 2020

Let's Get (Beyond) Physical: Crafting A Multidimensional Approach To Employee Wellbeing

How can employers take a multidimensional, strategic, systematic, and 'whole-person' approach to employee wellbeing? Find out in this research report.

  • Tags
  • Wellbeing
  • Employee Relations
  • multidimensional
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
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January 14th 2020

Future Insight: Responding to Trends, Threats and Opportunities

This discussion paper outlines HR’s role in developing foresight and organisation capabilities around vigilance, future sensing, environment scanning, and agile decision making in the absence of full information.

  • Tags
  • Capability Building
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Decision Making
  • Change Management
  • Disruption
  • Globalisation
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Transformation
  • Coronavirus
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November 15th 2019

Organisation Development Manifesto

The need for business-focused, expert Organisation Development (OD) capability has arguably never been greater than it is today. To survive and prosper over the long term, organisations must be capable of adapting to ever more rapid market and technological change.

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August 28th 2019

Responsible Business: How can HR Drive the Agenda?

This research report explores what it means to be a responsible business and the key factors that drive it. Learn what the key goals are for businesses, including environmental sustainability and building a more diverse and inclusive organisation.

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