April 10th 2012

Executive Summary: Developing and Broadening Specialists

This is the executive summary of the full research report on Developing and Broadening Specialists. Research for this CRF report revealed that organisations are lacking in effectively developing and broadening specialists for leadership roles - and, indeed, in continuing to develop and challenge them if they do not want such positions. The report describes successful approaches for specialists, and their employers, to manage transitions to leadership and the skills that new leaders need.
Topics covered in this executive summary include:

• Why developing and broadening specialists is so important in today’s business world
• Common barriers and paradoxes for specialists to overcome when developing into effective leaders
• Effectively developing and broadening specialists who have to both produce and lead
• The value of targeted leadership development activities for specialists rather than generic training
• Key skills required by specialists moving into leadership roles
• Developing and broadening specialists using non-traditional programmes and opportunities

Here, you can download and view the report’s executive summary. The full report on Developing and Broadening Specialists is accessible for CRF members only. If you are not a member and are interested in discussing membership, please contact Richard Hargreaves on richard@crforum.co.uk.


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April 18th 2012

Developing and Broadening Specialists, Dr Wanda Wallace

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April 18th 2012

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April 18th 2012

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May 14th 2012

Post Meeting Review Notes - Developing & Broadening Specialists

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May 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists - Presentation by Wanda Wallace

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April 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists -Thomson Reuters case study

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