July 18th 2018

HR Directors’ Discussion Paper: Is It Time to Reboot Your Approach to Communication and Evaluation?

Communication and evaluation are important aspects of any business operation but often do not get the attention they deserve, especially in HR. Why would communications and evaluation get too little attention?

With communication there is a kind a cognitive bias, whereby people get so narrowly consumed with the work they are doing that they don’t adequately communicate it to others who are not so closely involved. With evaluation, on the other hand, it’s natural for people to shy away for fear of bad news or criticism (or be critical of others).

How do we overcome the tendency to undervalue communication and evaluation?

This briefing paper focuses on these two important aspects of business and HR to provide insight, advice and encourage a further discussion.

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March 14th 2017

Webinar: Optimising HR's Business Contribution

In today's rapidly changing business environment, it's more important than ever for HR to be commercial, close to the business, and clearly aligned to business strategy. However, the reality for many organisations is that HR is often disconnected from business priorities, and HR's contribution to critical strategic and commercial objectives is not always clear.

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March 19th 2019

International Conference: Speed, Productivity & Agility - Essentials for Tomorrow's Disruptive Business Environment - Programme

What will differentiate the successful organisations of tomorrow and how should they be preparing to get a head start? This brochure explores the content of CRF's 11th International Conference, taking place at Hotel Sofia, Barcelona. By taking a multi-faceted view of the drivers of organisation performance, the conference will challenge attendees to be radical and imaginative in developing strategies to execute the personal and organisational transformations essential for business continuity. If you weren't able to secure a place, we’ll provide a digital retrospective of all topics discussed after the conference on our website.

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February 21st 2019

Post Meeting Review Notes - Trusted Advisor: HR Business Partnering, Relationship Building & Influencing

These Post Meeting Review Notes summarise the outcomes and key messages from CRF's latest event, Trusted Advisor. They include an exploration of what it takes to build trust and the variables of trustworthiness and, also delve into limitations and constraints around the topic. At the end of the notes, there is a feedback form for members who attended the event to complete and send back to CRF, as we very much value your opinions.

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November 10th 2017

Strategic Workforce Analytics

This presentation by Alec Levenson, Economist and Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at Marshall School of Business, looks at the common challenges and assumptions within the HR analytics field and offers solutions to these problems. Alec shares a number of models and additional resources throughout the presentation readers can access to explore the topic further.

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September 10th 2014

Making Communication Fun, Memorable, but ..

Adrian Furnham's keynote presentation on Storytelling: Making Communication Fun, Memorable from our 2014 Storytelling member event.

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  • Learning and Development
  • Social Responsibility
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September 10th 2014

Making Communication Fun, Memorable, but…

Psychologist, Adrian Furnham, focuses on the 10 golden rules of storytelling as well as recent research, examines the business case for storytelling and why it works.

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  • Performance Management
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