March 5th 2020

HR Leaders’ Forum: Building Purposeful Organisations – Ericsson Case Study

These slides are from the CRF event, HR Leaders' Forum: Building Purposeful Organisations in Stockholm. The case study on Ericsson was presented by Lourdes Pantaleon and Sameer Khanna. They discuss the journey of Ericsson, how they have improved cooperation and collaboration, and what you can do to "get on the move".

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March 5th 2020

New Mindsets Needed by HR to Execute Strategy

At the CRF event, HR Leaders' Forum: Building Purposeful Organisations in Stockholm, Fredrik Schuller, Executive Vice President of BTS gave a presentation on what HR needs to do to execute a business strategy. He discusses the difficult challenges that clients may face, including performance and transformation. How should we change our mindsets to better match our business strategy? What are our default reactions to change?

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February 19th 2020

Post Meeting Notes - Better Conversations: Why they Matter and How to Have Them

These post meeting notes summarise the key takeaways from the CRF residential workshop: Better Conversations, Why they Matter and How to Have Them with Wanda Wallace.

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February 20th 2020

High Impact HR - How do we create a more business-relevant function?

How does HR have a high impact on the business function?

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February 20th 2020

The Effective HR Business Partner

What makes a good HRBP? What challenges are HRBP's likely to face, and how can these be overcome?

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February 20th 2020

CRF OD Manifesto

This is our Organisation Development Manifesto. It sets out a new direction for OD, one that will allow our field to rise more effectively to the challenges in a world of multiple and major inflection points.

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