April 11th 2017

Post-meeting review notes: Harnessing Innovation to Navigate a Bold but Uncertain Future


These post-meeting review notes summarise key messages and ideas from CRF's member meeting - 'Harnessing Innovation to Navigate a Bold but Uncertain Future', which was held in partnership with IMD Business School on 3rd and 4th April 2017. If you have missed this CRF member meeting, the notes will provide a detailed summary of all presentations, as well as practical ideas you can consider to encourage innovative thinking within your organisation.

The notes include ideas and presentaton summaries from the following speakers:

  • Professor Bill Fischer IMD Professor of Innovation Management
  • Professor Howard Yu IMD Professor of Strategic Management and Innovation
  • Professor Jean-Francois Manzoni IMD President and Nestlé Professor
  • Paul Hunter Director of IMD’s Corporate Learning Network
  • Deborah Baker Group Director for People, Sky
  • Dr Debra France Leader and Innovator Development, W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Michael Held Design Director EMEA & Asia Pacific, Steelcase

Individual presentations from the event can be accessed on the CRF website.

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