April 21st 2020

Leading During Times of Crisis

This presentation was from the CRF Zoom Interactive Event on 21 April 2020, on Effective Leadership Development, by Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour from IMD Business School.

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July 31st 2020

Post Meeting Notes - Trust In The Workplace

On 29th July 2020, CRF members gathered for Trust in the Workplace, a Zoom Interactive Event. Professor Veronica Hope- Hailey, President of Strategic External Engagement at the University of Bath, discussed how organisations maintain or repair trust in the face of a crisis.

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April 15th 2020

Data-driven Corporate Health Management

The rising cost of health care is showing no signs of slowing down. To tackle head-on the underlying health issues of the workforce and the associated rising claim costs to the employer, it is necessary to transform health and well-being management into a rigorous data-driven strategy. The author suggests using a dashboard as foundation for targeted interventions to elevate employee health and engagement and to improve the profitability of organisations. The new frontier is predictive analytics of future claims ratios and prevalence of health conditions.

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April 2nd 2020

Stop Planning, Start Preparing: Zoom Interactive Event

These slides are from the CRF Zoom Interactive Event that took place on 2nd April 2020: Stop Planning, Start Preparing. We were joined by Dr. Stephen Bungay, Director, of Ashridge Strategic Management Centre and Dr. Rebecca Homkes, London Business School. They discussed what leaders should consider to best prepare their organisations to survive, reset and thrive.

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March 31st 2020

Coronavirus: What Should HR Be Doing?

In a time of crisis, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is having huge implications on business. How can HR respond and what should HR be doing? How can HR be preparing for the future in times of uncertainty? The document explores these in terms of productivity, remotivating, communication, planning and learning.

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