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November 1st 2005

The Role of the Board in Creating a High Performance Organisation

While the focus on boards and directors in recent years has been on the impacts of regulation, we find that more businesses destroy value through strategic mismanagement at board level than fraud or malpractice.

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April 13th 2005

Evaluating Human Capital and Human Resources: Reporting to Top Management on People Management Processes & Outcomes

Human capital represents a considerable proportion of the intangible value of an organisation, and the ownership of human capital is split between HR and line management. This report adopts a systematic and qualitative approach to evaluation, and recommends a logical, systematic, analytical and integrated approach to HR measurement and evaluation.

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November 18th 2004

Effective HR Evaluation

This report identifies the critical principals for an effective HR measurement system. It includes the evaluation of people systems, processes and groups, rather than individuals.

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July 10th 2000

Evaluation of HR and Career Management Activities: Developing a Holistic Model - Stage II

This report explores the subject of evaluation and aims to provide new insights into the subject and provide a practical model to support HR practitioners in conducting evaluation work.

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