June 9th 2017

Political Skills in Organizations

This paper from the Journal of Management was kindly shared by our speaker, Oliver James. It defines characteristics and dimensions of political skills, as well as effects of political skills on self and others.


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October 15th 2019

Organisation Development Manifesto

The need for business-focused, expert Organisation Development (OD) capability has arguably never been greater than it is today. To survive and prosper over the long term, organisations must be capable of adapting to ever more rapid market and technological change.

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September 12th 2019

Post Meeting Notes: Responsible Business: How can HR Drive the Agenda?

Following our event on 10th September 2019, these post meeting notes summarise the key messages from the day. We were joined by speakers including Nick Dalton, Unilever, Dee Corrigan, Blueprint for Better Business, David Grayson, Cranfield School of Management, and our own Carmen von Rohr. Each had their own take on responsible business and how it is impacted by HR. What is HR's role in developing and implementing a responsible business strategy and what is a purpose led business? Read the notes to find out more.

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September 10th 2019

Responsible Business - Unilever

Unilever's Vice President HR Business Transformation gave this presentation explaining his view on Unilever's responsible business strategy. He adopts an approach including the seven great waves of HR: paternalism, power, process, profit, people, paradox and planet. How has the HR function changed over the years, starting from industrial relations to personnel to human resources, and how is responsibility linked to this?

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September 10th 2019

A Blueprint for Better Business

This presentation was given by Dee Corrigan, Head of Corporate Engagement at Blueprint for Better Business, at our latest CRF event, Responsible Business: How does HR Drive the Agenda? She explores the power of purpose and the way we view other people.

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June 9th 2017

The Dirty Dozen: A Concise Measure of the Dark Triad

This article on the three dark aspect of personality - narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism, also known as the 'Dark Triad' - was shared by our speaker, Oliver James. The paper, published by American Psychological Association, explores each of the traits and discusses a 12-item measure of the the 'Dark Triad' developed by the researchers.

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May 23rd 2017

Progress, Issue 5 (Full Edition)

This issue of Progress, CRF's e-magazine, is fifth in the series and covers a range of topics from future of work to finding your next executive search firm. Progress was launched to assist in the development of your role, to support your career and broaden your awareness of the changing business environment we operate in.

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