June 9th 2017

Political Skills in Organizations

This paper from the Journal of Management was kindly shared by our speaker, Oliver James. It defines characteristics and dimensions of political skills in organizations, as well as the effects of political skills on self and others.

Political skills in organizations is not a new topic, but research in this area doesn’t seem to have moved on much in several decades. In this paper, a conceptualization of political skills in organisations is proposed, which considers the effects on both self and others. Examining the required social competencies, along with cognitive, affective and behavioral manifestations, this paper explores elements that have a direct effect on outcomes in this area.
Topics covered by the paper include:
• Defining political skills in organizations
• Key characteristics of those with political skills in organizations
o Social astuteness
o Interpersonal influence
o Networking ability
o Apparent sincerity
• Core social competencies found in those with effective political skills in organizations
• Dispositional and developmental influences on political skill in organizations

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June 9th 2017

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