March 31st 2014

Post Meeting Review Notes – CRF Leadership Roundtable

The 2014 CRF leadership roundtable explored the current leadership trends and effectiveness of leadership development activities. It was apparent from this CRF leadership roundtable meeting that the effective development of leaders is high on the agenda for many of our members.

Topics discussed during the CRF leadership roundtable included:
• The challenges brought by today’s leadership demands
• How to demonstrate value for money from leadership development work by HR
• Is there really a leadership crisis?
• What leadership development is taking place and what evidence is there that it is working?
• How can leadership be defined and measured in an organisational context?
• The importance of commercial acumen development in leaders
• Balancing current needs with future requirements
• Changing leadership styles to more transparent and collaborative approaches
• What does leadership mean to Generations X & Y?
• Leadership development trends, including neuroscience
• Diversity within leadership development

The notes from this CRF leadership roundtable meeting can be downloaded below.