December 3rd 2018

Progress – Issue 6: How to prepare for the future of work

Withing this sixth edition of oue e-magazine - Progress - Mike Rosenberg, Associate Professor, Strategic Management Department at IESE Business School takes a look at past predictions around the future of work and highlights some possible scenarios that could play out in the future.

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March 5th 2020

New Mindsets Needed by HR to Execute Strategy

At the CRF event, HR Leaders' Forum: Building Purposeful Organisations in Stockholm, Fredrik Schuller, Executive Vice President of BTS gave a presentation on what HR needs to do to execute a business strategy. He discusses the difficult challenges that clients may face, including performance and transformation. How should we change our mindsets to better match our business strategy? What are our default reactions to change?

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March 4th 2019

Speed Read: Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution

HR technology is an expanding and rapidly changing field. As well as the practicalities of moving to different technologies and solutions, there are also regulations, privacy and security concerns to consider. As more HR processes are automated, HR professionals will need to spend more time on gaining and reporting on the insights provided by data from the tools used. The aim of this Speed Read is to navigate through the key questions that need to be considered when selecting and improving your HR technology solutions.

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December 3rd 2018

Progress - Issue 6: Humility in learning

Within this sixth edition of our e-magazine - Progress - Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation & Strategy at IMD Business School discusses the role of humility in modern leadership.

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October 9th 2018

The Future of Jobs, Work and Working

Businesses today operate in a constantly evolving geopolitical, economic, and social landscape. At the same time, the changing demographics of the workforce and rapid advances in technology are radically altering the future of work. What will future jobs look like, and how can organisations anticipate, source, and deploy the skills and talent they will require to meet tomorrow’s strategic needs? Find out more about the CRF European masterclass on the future of work and the impact of this evolution on HR and the development and retention of talent.

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