August 20th 2018

Speed Read: Strategic Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is one of the hottest topics in HR currently. Some experts argue that people analytics offers HR the potential to become much more business-focused and evidence-driven with their strategic workforce planning.

A CRF survey conducted in late 2017 indicates that whilst many organisations are already on the path to developing their capability in workforce analytics, the data availability, quality and techniques used to analyse and find insights within the information is a challenge to many. In order for people analytics to be better utilised for more effective strategic workforce planning, organisations need to ensure their capability aligns with the required mindset and business objectives.

This Speed Read defines workforce analytics, reviews the factors contributing to its rise, introduces a methodology for conducting strategic analytics, examines the current state and application of workforce analytics, provides case study examples and reviews the steps required to build organisational capability for analytics to enable improved strategic workforce planning.

While this Speed Read offers a quick introduction to each of these topics, please see the full CRF report, Strategic Workforce Analytics, for more detail.

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