November 13th 2020

Talent: Careers, Development and Succession in a Changing Landscape

In a constantly changing business context, talent and careers are high on the agenda for business and HR leaders alike. Activities around talent and careers need to focus on developing the future capabilities required to build and transform the business and execute new strategies.

In this research report, sponsored by APS and SD Worx, we explore the following:

  • What is driving the evolution in careers, development and succession?
  • What are the current practices and key issues in career development?
  • What impact does technology and the evolving work practices have on talent and careers?
  • How can we develop an integrated system for career development?


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November 18th 2020

Zoom Interactive Event: Talent Management: Careers, Development and Succession in a Changing Landscape

On 18th November 2020, CRF members gathered for ‘Talent: Careers Development and Succession in a Changing Landscape’, a Zoom Interactive Event. With a panel of expert speakers, we explored how organisations are rethinking their approaches to talent and career development in the light of changing expectations around careers, the need for fluidity in talent, and the emergence of new technologies in the talent field.

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