May 16th 2012

Talent on Demand: Managing Talent in an Uncertain Age

What is talent management and why should we care about it? What are the recent factors and changes affecting retention? Get armed with tips on managing careers and talent mobility.

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August 13th 2018

Case Notes Compendium - Resourcing

Are you interested in different examples of how businesses are responding to the challenges of strategic resourcing in today’s competitive, global, and technology-driven landscape? Then download this compendium to read about different approaches from Cisco, B&Q, McDonald's, Microsoft, and many more!

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August 10th 2018

What, When, Why, and How? A Quick Guide to Job Analysis

What is job analysis and when should you conduct one? This one-pager will give you a comprehensive overview of job analysis, why use it and how to carry one out with maximum benefits for the organisation and HR.

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May 25th 2012

Talent Management in an Age of uncertainty – interview with Peter Cappelli

CRF invites workshop leader Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School and Director of Wharton's Centre for Human Resources to share his views on Talent Management in an Age of Uncertainty.

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September 12th 2012

Talent Management & Succession Planning

A detailed look at talent management and succession practices at Plan International, leading not-for-profit organisation.

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February 18th 2011

Talent Management - Maximising Benefit for Business Performance

This report from Ashridge Consulting provides a broad definition of talent management, a framework to understand strategic perspectives through which organisations deploy talent management and a range of dimensions that affect the operational impact of talent management.

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June 22nd 2012

Post Meeting Review Notes - Talent Management in an Age of Uncertainty

This two-day meeting examined in depth the collective uncertainties facing organisations and their impacts on talent management strategies, plans and actions.

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