March 6th 2019

The Changing World of HR Technology

The HR technology landscape is getting bigger and more complex, with ever more innovations entering the market. In this presentation, Geoff Matthews takes readers through the current HR technology landscape, reviews possible future developments and gives recommendations for anyone considering purchasing or implementing new technologies.

The HR technology landscape is getting bigger and more complex, with ever more innovations entering the market. Valued at $400 billion globally, today’s HR tech market encompasses diverse technologies, including robotics, gamification, blockchain, chatbots, the internet of things, analytics, and software as a service, with many more innovations sure to come.

Geoff Matthews, co-author of CRF's research report - Harnessing the HR Technology Revolution - reviews the following:

  • current HR technology landscape
  • key trends
  • opportunities and barriers associated with new technology solutions
  • opportunities in Talent Management and Learning technology
  • implications for HR leaders.

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