June 28th 2018

The Evolution of the Employer Brand

CRF’s July 2018 report Resourcing - How HR’s Core Competence is Evolving examines how employers are developing their employer branding to attract key talent, particularly in light of emerging technologies and the rise of social media. Key themes include much greater transparency in all aspects of the resourcing process, a consumerisation of the workplace, and the proliferation of new technology.

This supplemental report briefly describes the history of employer branding, reviews key components of a strong employer brand, and highlights key strategies for achieving a strong employer brand in today’s employment market to achieve improved employee attraction and retention. It describes the results of a CRF content analysis of the careers sections and all related social media sites of 30 leading companies across 13 industries, detailing their approaches to employer brand in online spaces. The report closes with recommendations for employers thinking about how to build or improve their employer brand.

Topics covered include:

  • Crafting a compelling Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Utilising authentic employee voices to serve as brand ambassadors
  • The role of company culture and purpose in shaping employer branding
  • How to use storytelling to communicate employer brand and enhance your company’s reputation
  • Key elements of employer brand, including job security, competitive compensation, and flexibility
  • How analytics, apps, gamification, and artificial intelligence (AI) are impacting employer branding

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