November 14th 2018

The Future of Jobs, Work and Working

Predicting the future of jobs and the world of work is difficult. How will it be transformed by globalisation and developments in technology? What are the implications of ongoing geopolitical volatility, immigration pressures, and competitive labour markets for business strategy? Is disruption here to stay? Can climate change be halted or reversed? Looking at the 'known knowns', this report summarises the main trends shaping the future of jobs, including:

  • Population ageing (‘global greying’)
  • Ongoing economic stagnation and low productivity
  • The rapid development of new technologies such as algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning
  • The shape of the workforce., including increasing gender diversity, job polarisation, and non-standard work arrangements (such as self-employment, flexible working, zero hours contracts, temporary work, independent contracting, and freelancing).

Download this report to better understand the challenges HR professionals are facing and the various tools, such as SWOT and PESTLE analyses and future scanning, that they can use to help their organisations understand and prepare for future job and talent needs.

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