May 2nd 2019

Webinar: Effective Performance Management – Discussing the Latest Practice

If you are involved in performance management, listen to our CRF podcast on how to ensure it is effective in your organisation. We were joined by Gerry Ledford, Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at USC, together with Hugh Mitchell, former Chief HR and Corporate Officer at Shell International.

This webinar gave members the opportunity to put forward their questions on Performance Management practice to one of the world’s leading experts.

Topics that were discussed included the following:

What are the features of the most progressive performance management approaches and systems today?
How can we tell if our performance management systems are working?
What can we conclude from the recent trends towards removing ratings from performance management?
How does Performance Management need to evolve in response to changing business models and workforce profiles, such as the rise of on-demand or gig workers?

YouTube blocked by your company? Watch this webinar on Wavecast.