November 20th 2018

Webinar: Navigating the Future of Jobs, Work & Careers

This webinar provides a perfect learning opportunity for all HR professionals concerned with business strategy, workforce planning, and talent development.

Together with Gillian Pillans, Sarah Hamilton-Hanna, Dave Millner, Julia Howes and Nick Shackleton-Jones, this CRF webinar looks at the economic, demographic and technology context shaping the future of work and drills into specific examples and recommendations around planning for the future capabilities required, rethinking careers, and reshaping learning and development strategies.

Listen to the on-demand webinar from Corporate Research Forum (CRF) to:

Discover the current demographic, economic and technology trends shaping the future of work
Develop effective HR strategies for talent management, workforce planning, and learning and development
Examine your business needs in terms of key skills of the future
Develop strategies for responding to future uncertainties.

YouTube blocked by your company? Watch this webinar on Wavecast.