July 14th 2016

Webinar: Rethinking Talent Management

For most CEOs, talent remains at or near the top of their priority list, and yet lack of talent remains a major obstacle in achieving organisational goals. While a lot of effort is spent tackling these challenges, our CRF survey indicated a lack of satisfaction with the outcomes of talent management practices. Where are organisations going wrong?

This CRF webinar examined how talent management can be better aligned with the needs of the organisation, as well as organisation strategy and purpose. During the 45 minute programme the panel assessed key challenges in talent management today and the steps HR professionals can take to reinvent talent management for the 21st Century.

We were joined in conversation with Eleanor Radbourne, Head of Global Talent Management, Diversity and Inclusion at Rolls-Royce, Nigel Sullivan, Group HR Director at TalkTalk and Claire Seabrook, VP Talent and Development, Downstream at Royal Dutch Shell.

YouTube blocked by your company? Watch this webinar on Wavecast.