July 17th 2017

Webinar: Transforming the Learning Function

Listen to this CRF webinar to learn more about recent CRF research on the topic and to receive practical tips on transforming L&D function within your own organisation.

A core challenge for the Learning function today is how to develop the capacity to learn at the organisational – and not just individual – level. At the same time, the design and delivery of individual learning is moving away from predominantly face-to-face programmes, towards virtual, mobile, just-in-time learning. Together with recent advances in our understanding of how adults learn, these forces combine to redefine the purpose and role of the Learning function.

This webinar explored how organisations are reshaping their learning functions to address these challenges, as well as trends and forces shaping the future of learning. Listen to the discussion to learn about the following:

How does the Learning function need to develop and rethink its role to meet the needs of organisations today?
How can we align L&D strategy with business strategy and organisational priorities to maximise impact?
How can we make the most of learning technology without being seduced by shiny new products that promise a lot but don’t necessarily help us advance the business agenda?
How can your HR function evaluate the outcomes of learning activities?