November 5th 2019

Why is Organisation Development Important – Interview with Nick Holley

Why is organisation development so important in today’s business context? Watch this interview with, Nick Holley, Director of CRF Learning, on the importance of organisation development and the need for improving the capability of OD professionals.

Gillian Pillans [00:00:06] Nick, one of the key messages of the manifesto is that now is the right time for OD to reclaim its role as an essential player in driving organizational success. So why is OD so important in today's business context?

Nick Holley [00:00:19] First thing I say, I think it has always been important. I just think many of the forces, the driving that are increasing, so the amount of change we're seeing in the world, growth of technology, huge, complex, competitive forces at play from China, from unicorns, the amount of disruption we have to respond to those challenges is an organizational response. What I find worrying is too much of our focus is on the individual rather than creating the organizational context in which we can actually leverage the capability and the potential of everyone in an organization to respond to these external challenges. And what would be your call to arms for improving the capability of OD professionals? So my call to arms is if this is the moment we've got to step up and we've got to step up in a number of ways. We've got to really develop our professionalism, really think about some of the models that the theories that underpin it, but at the same time focus on putting them into action in organizations to improve organizational performance and improve the health of the organization. So we create something really sustainable.