CRF Learning: Integrated Talent Management

19 - 20 November 2018

Fanhams Hall

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We know talent is vital to current and future business performance. Yet research and experience continue to suggest that our talent management approaches are not delivering the business outcomes we want, in the timescales we need, and at a cost we can afford.

Three principles are fundamental to making talent management work:
1. Talent needs must be firmly rooted in the context of the business strategy and operating environment.
2. Solutions should be integrated, with different elements prioritised and aligned around talent needs.
3. Data should be used to develop and apply insights and to evaluate the effectiveness of talent management approaches.

You will:
• build a framework to help you develop more business-focused talent thinking
• update your knowledge of talent trends and exchange learnings with your peers
• acquire a means of engaging your business leadership in the importance of the talent agenda
• receive advice and support to develop your confidence and influence in talent discussions

Your organisation will:
• receive input and tools to test, validate and challenge existing talent management approaches
• develop strategies to segment, prioritise and align HR activity to best support business outcomes
• learn how to better develop talent insights and demonstrate talent management effectiveness
• improve strategy execution through more business-focused and effective talent management

The programme structure includes a mix of research and practice-based input, group activities, self-reflection and action learning – all rooted in the context of your own business need.

For a detailed overview of the programme – including information on the elements of the different modules – please download our programme flyer here.

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