Zoom Interactive Event: The Geopolitical Outlook – How Is It Changing?

19 May 2020

12.00 - 1.00pm (BST)


Given the current circumstances we are delighted to open up some of the sessions from our PARC Programme to CRF members. As such you are invited to The Geopolitical Outlook – How Is It Changing?

In 2020, four months seems a life-time. In January Professor Amelia Hadfield presented to the PARC memberhsip about the geo-political landscape of the 2020s. She told us of the resurgence of Russia, the rise of China, the faltering power of the US and Europe, populism and political volatility. Since then, the coronavirus has laid the mightiest nations low, and the impact of the lockdown is likely to lead to the worst recession in living memory. What sort of world will emerge from the extended crisis?

- How will the crisis affect the balance of power - weakening some states and strengthening others?
- Will the major trading nations return to a broad economic consensus or continue to fragment into hostile tribes, blaming each other?
- Will globalisation go into reverse as countries hunker down and seek to be more self-sufficient - or will it herald a new era of international co–operation?
- How will the oil price crash affect states that rely on oil wealth to maintain political stability?
- How will the hit to the US economy affect Trump’s chances of re-election?
- Will countries with weakened economies seek refuge in populism, or revert to ‘safer’ traditional political parties?
- Will the crisis change our habits to the point where it has an effect on climate change?
- Will agreement on the EU budget and the dispute over central bank intervention stretch EU unity to its limits?
- Is a Brexit extension beyond end 2020 inevitable, or will the UK embark on an experiment to run a major economy without trade deals?

In this webinar, Professor Amelia Hadfield will assess the impact that the coronavirus pandemic may exert on the geo-political environment. She will provide us with some perspective and insights into what might change and what is likely to stay the same. This session will give you vital information to inform your thinking, and help you prepare now for the challenges that lie ahead in the post-pandemic world.

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