International Conference: Building and Sustaining Great Organisations

12 - 14 October 2020

InterContinental Athenaeum

It is nearly 40 years since Peters and Waterman first published In Search of Excellence as their attempt to answer this question. We have learnt much since then but nevertheless, great companies are still the exception rather than the rule. As HR professionals it is crucial that we understand the fundamental ingredients of great companies, and take the lead in striving for excellence in our organisations.

The starting point must always be the nature of the business, the market we are in, product development and a sustainable business model. The world is moving quickly and we need to ensure that our organisations anticipate these movements and proactively evolve through effective strategies, planning and people who are flexible and resilient enough to individually and collectively take advantage of emerging opportunities and ensure ongoing profitability.

Great organisations don’t emerge by chance but share a number of characteristics differentiating them from the rest. They have:
• A compelling purpose, vision and exciting state of the future.
• Strategies which recognise the environment in which the business operates and anticipate how that is changing, and are transparently communicated and owned throughout the organisation.
• A clear business model, financial controls and commercial discipline.
• Leadership which motivates its workforce, prioritises development, and sets clear responsibilities and expectations.
• The ability to successfully turn strategy into reality through effective operating plans which do not unravel in the face of unexpected external factors but deliver operational excellence and financial performance.
• A can-do environment which attracts great people.
Our faculty will share their experiences in an interactive and highly engaging conference environment.