February 6th 2019

Case Notes Compendium – Designing Adaptable Organisations for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Modern businesses experience many challenges in the face of the digital economy, with a need to balance agility against scale. This Case Notes Compendium draws together several examples of how businesses are responding to such challenges and adapting their organisation design to be fit-for-purpose in today's competitive, global and technology-driven landscape.

Case studies and topics include:

  • Achieving Enterprise and Market Agility at Avanade and Unilever
  • Agility and Digital Capability at L'Oreal
  • Strategic Decentralisation at Imperial Brands
  • Using OD to Develop Digital Capability at Rolls-Royce and Hilton
  • Organisation Design and Strategic Direction Change at Tate &Lyle, and more.

The case studies and accompanying commentary are drawn from our research report - Designing Adaptable Organisations for Tomorrow's Challenges


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Designing Adaptable Organisations for Tomorrow's Challenges

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