November 16th 2016

Creating a Truly Inclusive Culture – Post Meeting Review Notes

A summary of our recent 'Creating a Truly Inclusive Culture' event lead by Wanda Wallace.

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January 26th 2018

What is Organisational Culture and why should we care? Event flyer

Why do some organisations seem to be identified by their culture and their way of doing things, while other successful organisations keep a low profile and rarely figure in organisational culture debates? Join CRF’s upcoming masterclass, held in partnership with IMD Business School, to explore these and other questions.

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November 9th 2016

Is a Truly Inclusive Culture Possible?

In this interview with Dr. Wanda Wallace we discuss whether creating a truly inclusive culture at organisational level is possible, particularly in light of global events observed in 2016. Wanda provides examples of organisational practices where inclusivity has been achieved, as well as tips on what organisations can do to embrace inclusive culture.

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November 9th 2016

Creating an Inclusive Culture - What did we discover?

In this opening presentation during CRF masterclass - Creating a Truly Inclusive Culture - Wanda clarifies the definition of diversity versus inclusion, addresses the key issues and why this matters, reviews the highlights of the CRF member survey and identifies where organisations should focus their attention when it comes to inclusion.

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  • Diversity & Inclusivity
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