April 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists – Ernst & Young case study

Explore a professional services perspective from Ernst & Young on developing specialist through this presentation.

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July 10th 2018

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April 18th 2012

Developing and Broadening Specialists, Dr Wanda Wallace

Dr Wanda Wallace, co-author of the Developing & Broadening Specialists research report produced by Corporate Research Forum and leader of the accompanying workshop for CRF members, provides some further insight into the topic.

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April 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists - GlaxoSmithKline case study

Science and leadership are not mutually exclusive - find out how GlaxoSmithKline develops their scientifically trained talent.

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April 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists - Rolls Royce case study

Find out how Rolls-Royce develops their engineering talent and provides engineers with general management opportunities.

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May 18th 2012

Developing & Broadening Specialists - Presentation by Wanda Wallace

Why should businesses focus on specialist and how would specialists make a transition into leadership? Find out from this presentation by Wanda Wallace.

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April 10th 2012

Executive Summary: Developing and Broadening Specialists

This is the executive summary of the full research report on Developing and Broadening Specialists. Research for this CRF report revealed that organisations are lacking in effectively developing and broadening specialists for leadership roles - and, indeed, in continuing to develop and challenge them if they do not want such positions. The report describes successful approaches for specialists, and their employers, to manage transitions to leadership and the skills that new leaders need.

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