November 3rd 2017

Executive Summary: Strategic Workforce Analytics

About the Research

Workforce analytics has become a hot topic in organisations over recent years, with significant claims of potential business benefits. And yet only a quarter (27%) of respondents to a recent CRF survey find that their organisation's workforce analytics capability allows them to identify opportunities to make decisions that lead to better business outcomes frequently or consistently. It is evident that while there is demand for HR Analytics in organisations, companies are struggling to implement workforce analytics programmes and drive results through HR Analytics.

The executive summary of CRF's recent report, Strategic Workforce Analytics,  offers an overview of the findings and some practical recommendations for successfully implementing workfoce analytics solutions in your HR function.

The full research report is available to CRF members only. To find out more about the research, please contact us at



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November 14th 2017

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August 20th 2018

Speed Read: Strategic Workforce Analytics

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August 9th 2018

CRF Survey Slide Pack: Strategic Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is a fast-growing discipline in HR, with companies making significant investments in systems, tools and people. This document provides a more detailed look at the results of our survey that informed CRF research report - 'Strategic Workforce Analytics'.

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August 9th 2018

Six Critical Stakeholders for Workforce Analytics Success

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January 10th 2018

What challenges is HR facing with people analytics?

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November 15th 2017

Post-Meeting Review Notes - Deploying HR Analytics for Better Talent Management and Organisational Effectiveness

These post-meeting review notes summarise the key messages from CRF's most recent member meeting - Deploying HR Analytics for Better Talent Management and Organisational Effectiveness. If you have missed the member meeting, the notes provide a summary of the day including all presentations and case studies - Experian, Adidas and GSK.

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