June 20th 2019

HR Leaders’ Discussion Paper – No Mere Tinkering with Innovation

This discussion paper accompanies our event, HR Leader's Discussion Forum, Innovation: Thriving in a World Where Everything Can be Copied, with Howard Yu and Jialu Shan. This paper explores HR’s role in organizational innovation, with topics including:

  • Introduction to organizational innovation
  • How successful companies prepare for innovation
  • Case study from BMW and how they ride to misadventure
  • How to change from coexistence to monopolistic competition
  • How to embrace disruptors, not smother them
  • How to manage by commitments


This discussion paper, looking at HR’s role in organizational innovation, includes examples from a wide range of sectors and technological developments, including the automotive industry, the ‘platform economy’, social media’s influence, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the financial services sector, contactless payments and much more. The paper also examines the financial implications of embracing innovation and how the HR function can play a vital role in both current and future organizational requirements and capability.

Download the paper below.