June 28th 2018

Resourcing – How HR’s Core Competence is Evolving

The world of resourcing is rapidly evolving, with technology innovation, social media and shifting candidate expectations leading to new methods for attracting and assessing candidates. Despite rapid change in the resourcing field, the factors that underpin effective recruitment - having a strategy and well defined recruitment process, being clear about individual performance metrics, having robust evidence-driven selection processes, and a strong employer brand, remain constant.

This CRF report provides examples and practical recommendations for improving your resourcing strategy and tactics.:

Topics include:

  • Key factors influencing recruitment strategies in organisations today, like ‘death of loyalty’, rise in self-employment and entrepreneurship, and the rise of the passive job seeker
  • Power law distribution and its importance for recruitment profession
  • How to connect business strategy with resourcing strategy to deliver business results - CRF Strategic Resourcing Model
  • Job analysis - identifying the factors that determine success in a given role and subsequent assessment and selection requirements
  • Employer branding - why it is important and examples of its use for candidate attraction
  • How the use of emerging technology, like artificial intelligence (AI), bots and social media, is shaping candidate experience
  • The science of selection and assessment - what skills and characteristics to assess and a high-validity assessment methods
  • How to improve the practice of resourcing in your organisation.


The research report is available to CRF members only. To access the report, please log in with your username and password. If you are not a member of the CRF network, you can still access the executive summary of the report.

Those interested in learning more about the employer brand can access our supplementary report - The Evolution of the Employer Brand.

If you are short on time, our Speed Read, which offers a summary of key topics discussed in the report, can be accessed here.

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