March 15th 2019

The Lateral Organisation: A Solution for Managing Complexity

This document provides a brief overview of the types of lateral capabilities needed to help organisations with managing changes in the business environment. It also explores agility and scale, two core fundamentals in organisations, and how to balance these.

Topics covered in this document on managing change and complexity include:
• Defining agility and scale in the organisational context and why they seem to conflict
• Organisational design tools to balance these objectives
• Using lateral organisation for managing change
• Five different types of lateral capabilities:
o Networks
o Management processes
o Teams
o Integrative roles
o Matrix structure
• Using networks to increase flexibility in the organisation design
• The challenges of collaborating across boundaries using networks

This document offers an outline review of how facilitating the flow of information and work across boundaries and existing silos can be a way of bringing greater flexibility and adaptability into the organisation design. Download this document for more information about how this approach can help with managing change and complexity in the organisational context.

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