January 12th 2016

The Smarter Annual Report

The Smarter Annual Report, by Creelman Lambert, provides guidance on how companies should respond to the movement to improve annual reporting to stakeholders, and in particular the provision of better human capital information.
Topics covered include:
• What are companies reporting on now and why is change needed?
• The importance of Integrating human capital and financial information in a single smarter annual report
• Who are the players pushing for these smarter annual reports?
• What are the benefits of smarter annual reports? Who will be impacted?
• What could go wrong if the smarter annual report doesn’t include the right information?
• The challenge for the HR function to shape the value creation narrative
• What should be included and omitted from the smarter annual report?
• How should the data be generated and presented?

This report offers practical frameworks that can be used by organisations across any sector or size to facilitate smarter annual reports that enable stakeholders to understand the link between people strategies and investments and how value is created in a company.

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